Within the United States, social patterns of interpersonal and institutional violence are unfortunate realities. Like any disease, violence permeates communities internally and externally. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) are often ignored or unnoticed when discussing the need for prevention activities and community education.

Some speculate that the low radar the issue has on the national social and political stage is due to their marginalization and native status. I believe that women of color are particularly vulnerable to racist and sex-based violence that can lead to a higher likelihood of death because of demographic-based violence.

Cities and other government bodies…



Souls line the dollar bill.

Beneath the pyramid with chisel and stones

Be will.

Above the brow of Jefferson

And in the corners of the Verde triangle, we wait.

We watch,

And we sit,

while they kill our babies,

some of them yet to be born.

We heard of the slaying of our grandfathers,

and the ways that our mothers mourned.

We fight.

Full of love and rage.

We are awake.





Sometimes desperate and displaced.


we appear to self in the mirror of a self-hating disciple of the sun.

So burnt from tar,

Thoughts on Personal & Political Agency

Written by: Crystallee Crain

Politics is about the distribution of resources.

Resources as in products and in some aspects of our society — people can be bought or sold. We forget that resources are also processes for knowledge creation and our ever-changing political agency.

Behind the veil of our everyday life the tax based distribution of resources from a national central government, trickles, to the states and down to a variety of municipalities. This process of complex governing bodies use formulas to determine the exact numbers and the ways in which this process happens. …

By: Crystallee Crain

I’m concerned about the invisibility of preventable hardship that occurs when we embody the status quo as a comfort.

While the term — preventable hardship — is not widely known it is easy to comprehend. Some personal difficulties can be prevented through social and cultural change. In this context, I’m focusing on the hardships caused by social conditions that are not in an individual’s control.

In American society personal hardship is often defined as a personal failure. Social conditions like a pandemic, for instance, or the ever-present level of racial and gender injustice in our system.


To begin I will say, that the way we were was never enough.

We failed each other. We failed ourselves — and then, without any warning, we learned that perhaps we did not.

Melancholy moments don’t define all of time. They are placed on our path to be learned from and to offer you a space for discernment in your future.

I am elevated by hindsight and moved by joy to be clear about how I spend my waking moments. I believe that love is a verb, a core meal of the day, and our personal responsibility to share with…

Personally, the massive response to the taking of black lives is emotional and motivating. My activism and academic work have focused on exposing the impact of community and state violence. I feel some gratification in this progress, yet I know that it is not enough.

In these moments, we forget about the backlash that comes after we leave the streets or after we move on to the next national tragedy, and after we feel we’ve been heard — even if it’s just for a moment.

The painful realities that we face are reminiscent of a child unable to leave a…

While we address our personal and social circumstances to COVID-19, as a violence prevention advocate I believe it’s important to take notice to the unique health consequences for survivors of violence.

There is never a wrong time to discuss the critical health concerns for survivors of violence.

Survivors have unique health challenges and they often have to heal from multiple forms of consequences from the harm they have experienced. These experiences then compound health concerns, and complicate a person’s experience the current pandemic we find ourselves in.

Domestic violence is one of the most pervasive forms of violence, with drastically harmful consequences for the immune system health of survivors.

Physically and emotionally the long term impacts of violence changes people’s lives and their body’s chemistry. As we address the concerns that…

I felt something today despite you,

I was lifted inside.

Thick strands of light filled my grip-less hands,

Still I rose.

Higher inside myself, elevation.

This is what joy feels like,

This is what I have been missing,

The ripped pages from the binding of a book.

Unknown to the rest of them,

Unread and stolen,

Rising from presumably blank pages.

Yearning to know the lines of each page with my fingers,

Streaming the lines,

Preparing for whats next.

This weight that flew off my eye-lids,

Bringing the ring clear and presently,

I felt something today not in response to…

Together We Will Rise Above

While we have nearly a 1/3rd of the planet on shelter in place orders, we are all struggling to figure out what’s going to happen next.

In these uncertain times it’s important to see the ways in which the human condition surprises and reminds us about the wonderful ways we care for one another.

Below is a brief list and description of some of the most beautiful examples of humanity that I’ve witnessed.

Roscommon County Animal Shelter (Michigan)

Still open and receiving animals and caring for them in this time of crisis.

Basic Rights Oregon (Portland, Oregon)

Created a survey

Crystallee Crain

Academic. Activist. Writer. Explorer. Scholar. Lover. Friend. Free. Funky. Persistent. Kind. Clear. Unapologetic. @crystalleecrain www.crystalleecrain.org

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