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How to Protect Yourself and Your Community Against Violent Abusers

Survivors know all too well that their abusers hide in plain sight.

We hope we notice them before they see us walking through town. We hope we’re not alone when they do see us or find us. We hope that you, anyone out there, believe us.

The lack of accountability…

Within the United States, social patterns of interpersonal and institutional violence are unfortunate realities. Like any disease, violence permeates communities internally and externally. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) are often ignored or unnoticed when discussing the need for prevention activities and community education.

Some speculate that the low radar…

Our Political Responsibility for Human Rights in the Philippines

This past week, the U.S. State Department approved an arms sale to the Philippines worth 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. The approval comes at a time when community organizations and legislators alike are calling to account for military aid to the Philippines.



Souls line the dollar bill.

Beneath the pyramid with chisel and stones

Be will.

Above the brow of Jefferson

And in the corners of the Verde triangle, we wait.

We watch,

And we sit,

while they kill our babies,

some of them yet to be born.

We heard…

Thoughts on Personal & Political Agency

Written by: Crystallee Crain

Politics is about the distribution of resources.

Resources as in products and in some aspects of our society — people can be bought or sold. We forget that resources are also processes for knowledge creation and our ever-changing political agency.

Behind the veil of our everyday…

To begin I will say, that the way we were was never enough.

We failed each other. We failed ourselves — and then, without any warning, we learned that perhaps we did not.

Melancholy moments don’t define all of time. They are placed on our path to be learned from…

Personally, the massive response to the taking of black lives is emotional and motivating. My activism and academic work have focused on exposing the impact of community and state violence. I feel some gratification in this progress, yet I know that it is not enough.

In these moments, we forget…

Crystallee Crain

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